Hangover IV Las Vegas


IV Hydration Therapy – so you can get more Vegas

Hangover IV Las Vegas

Did you just wake and wonder “What happened last night?” I have two words for you…LAS VEGAS! Sin City has that effect on people, but right now your only concern is how do I get rid of the famous “Vegas Hangover?” That’s where we step in; Hangover IV Las Vegas is a premier IV hydration company specializing in health, wellness, and proven hangover cures. Our medical professionals provide top-notch customer service and will alleviate the effects of dehydration, restoring your vitality and well-being. Book online or contact our call center with any Hangover questions that arise.

Our IV Treatments


Fitness IV

Healthy living doesn’t always equal a happy body, this treatment relieves pain, decreases inflammation, and extinguishes soreness.



The Hangover IV

The ultimate hangover cure, a combination of hydration and nutrients that will have your body thanking
you later.



Basic IV

Simple yet effective, it’s the quickest way to combat dehydration. Rejuvenate your body for a natural
healthy glow.


Our IV Hangover Cures replenish your body with hydration after a “typical Las Vegas night.” It combines IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and anti-nausea medication that will detoxify your body and bring you relief within an hour.

Our Fitness IV Therapy is formulated for athletes, bodybuilders, and people with an active lifestyle. Combining hydration, vitamins, amino acids, and a glutathione push that alleviates muscle cramping and joint soreness to restore your whole-body wellness.

How it Works

Same day appointments. 45 minute treatment.


Options To Schedule Your Appointment Book Online or Click to Call




A Licensed Medical Provider Will Evaluate Your Vitals And Medical History.




Sit Back And Relax For Your IV Treatment That Takes Around 45 Minutes



Booking is simple, five steps through our website or contact our call center and they’ll do it for you! Yes… it’s that easy.

Upon Arrival, the Hangover IV staff will take the time to explain our entire IV Hydration process to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Then reviews the different types of vitamins, nutrients, and how they will affect your body. Our signature hangover treatments take less than an hour, and will have you back enjoying Las Vegas in no time!

Yep. We’re Legit.

Hangover IV provides the best IV hydration services in Las Vegas! Why pay double at some of these overpriced companies, our medical professionals are screened and hand-selected to ensure top-notch care in the privacy of your hotel or business. We focus on hydrating and replenishing your body with vitamins and essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream for fast​ relief of hangovers and strenuous physical activity.