How it Works

How It Works

Our IV Therapy process is all about simplicity and making you feel comfortable as possible. Book online or give us a call, one of our medical professionals will arrive shortly and explain each treatment and how your body will benefit from it.

Online Booking. Call Us. IV Therapy.


Our scheduling process is simple. 5 steps through our Online Booking System OR if you have questions about our treatments, Booking Process, etc.. Click to Call Our Call Center




What makes Hangover IV different from other companies? We only hire Nurse Practitioners of the highest level! That ensures you will receive the best care possible in Las Vegas.




IV treatments only last about an hour and will alleviate the affects of dehydration and rejuvenate your body from hangovers or extreme physical activity.



Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Yes we have a $100 travel fee, our staff works very hard to bring the best possible service to your hotel or business. Parking, gas, etc.. this is very competitive pricing compared to some of companies.

Our booking system is hassle free, after you book online or speak to our call center you receive text messages about status of appointment, when our staff will arrive, and any other useful information. E-mail is a thing of the past with our company..

To secure your appointment you must pay a $100 Deposit upfront, this approves the appointment and our staff will be there shortly. You can cancel up to 1 hour before the appointment time begins or no refund policy .

After the treatment is over our staff can accept Credit/Debit Cards, and YES each person can pay for their own treatment if necessary.